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We are Brandon and Ellie Wilson, partners in both life and business. Together our shared mission and belief is that pure water supports pure health and it should be accessible to all. There are many moving parts and people that make up the Earthtank™ team, we are a family business that is passionate about creating functional art and sustainable living solutions. 

Owner and founder of Southern Cross Pottery, Jeff is also part of the family! After 30 years establishing the leading ceramic water purifier business in Australia, we are proud to have his expertise and business mentorship as we continue his legacy into the future with our own brand, Earthtank™. 


Earthtank™ Ceramic Purifiers are designed to last a lifetime, each is a unique fusion of form & function intended to support your health and beautifully style your home. 

We collaborate with a highly skilled team of ceramic production artisans in Vietnam who handcraft small batch piecework for Earthtank™ Ultra design.


We are proud to be part of the wider community of people with a shared mission to create a healthier, sustainable future.


We contribute a portion of every sale to Carbon Capture initiatives.


Bellingen, NSW



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