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Your water is our business.



At Earthtank™ we care about good health and great design. We believe that everyone should have access to safe drinking water, and are committed to providing a solution that will enhance your space and support your health.

We know our health conscious community is not willing to compromise on style for quality, and neither are we,  that's why we have created a product that meets both criteria. Earthtank™ combines the best of both worlds to deliver a water purifier that is both effective and beautiful. 


With our ceramic water purifier, you can enjoy great-tasting, safe, and healthy water without sacrificing modern style. 

What's in your water?


Town Water.

Contaminants such as lead from petrol fumes, dirt, hair, rust, slime, hydrocarbons, algae, agricultural pesticides & industrial wastes can end up in town water supplies.


Local Water Authorities also intentionally add chlorine, aluminium, copper, other heavy metals and in some cases, fluoride to the supply.


Tank Water. 

Direct rainwater is great but pollution to tank water can be attributed to wildlife, rodents, reptiles and insects finding their way into your tank.


Other materials such as dust, debris, ash, corroded metal, residues from roofing products, smoke, wood fire particles and remains of agricultural aerial spraying have also been found to contaminate residential & commercial tank water supplies.


Bore & Spring.

Bore, spring or dam water is generally considered to be contaminated and unsafe for many uses, including drinking.


Faecal contaminants may leech from septic tanks into these water supplies, as well as other underground contaminates. It should never be used for drinking unless tested by a specialist laboratory.

Okay, what exactly does the filter remove?

Our carbon ceramic filter utilises a class leading silver impregnated ceramic micro porous outer shell combined with state of the art granular core technology.


The core is made from the highest quality NSF component certified coconut shell based activated carbon and other propriety absorbent materials. The ceramic shell and granular carbon core combines mechanical filtration and physical absorption processes to reduce a wide variety of contaminants.


Independent laboratory tests (NSF/ANSI std 42 & 53 chemical reduction tests) have shown our 0.5 micron Fluoride Plus™ filters to reduce the below contaminates:


Bacteria reduction (E.coli, Cholera, Salmonella) 99.99%

Cyst reduction (Cryptosporidium & Giardia) 99.99%

Algae, Rust & Sediment reduction 99.99%

NSF Turbidity reduction std.53 99.69%

Chlorine reduction 95.99%
Fluoride & glyphosate reduction 97.99%
Chloramines & Lead reduction 99.99%

Clean water that doesn't cost the earth.


Why Earthtank™

Better for your health:

A water filter is an essential tool for maintaining good health, as it removes harmful contaminants and impurities from your drinking water that may negatively impact your wellbeing. Tap water can contain various substances such as chlorine, lead, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses, which can cause a range of health issues from gastrointestinal problems to chronic diseases. By using a water filter, you can eliminate these harmful substances and ensure that your drinking water is safe and clean for you and your family. In addition to safe water, a water filter can also improve the taste and odor of your water, making it more enjoyable to drink and encouraging you to stay hydrated throughout the day, which is essential for optimal health! 

Better for the environment:

Australian's are using 39.5 million single use plastic water bottles every day. Investing in a ceramic water purifier is a better choice for the environment as it will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste produced from single-use water bottles. According to research, the global consumption of bottled water generates billions of tons of plastic waste every year, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to pollution and damaging our precious ecosystem. By using a ceramic water purifier, you can reduce your reliance on single-use plastics and help to decrease the carbon footprint associated with the production, transportation, and disposal of bottled water. Additionally, our ceramic purifiers are designed to last a life time and the carbon filter candles are compostable which makes Earthtank™ a sustainable and cost-effective solution to providing you and your family with safe and clean drinking water.

Better for your back pocket:

The average Australian household is spending $580.00 on bottled water every year. Investing in a ceramic water purifier is a cost-effective solution that will pay for itself in less than one year, especially if you have a large family, shared office space or personally consume a lot of water daily. The carbon ceramic filter candle only needs to be replaced every 12months, meaning your annual cost for clean drinking water is now only $95.00. Ultimately by using a ceramic water purifier Australians can enjoy clean and safe drinking water while also saving money and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Better for your space: (renters, listen up!)

Our water purifiers strike a unique balance between form and function, they are intentionally designed, handmade ceramic art to suit each individual and their space. One of the many benefits of our ceramic water purifier is that it's a portable solution, making it an ideal choice for those who don't have plumbed in filtration. Unlike bulky, plastic eyesore filters, our purifiers are sleek and compact, designed to move with you and your unique style for a lifetime.

Better for Australian business:

Our aim is to support families and individuals near and far with access to clean, safe drinking water that doesn't cost the earth. When you purchase a water filter from our small Australian business, you are not only investing in your health and the environment but also supporting the local economy. Small businesses play a crucial role in our economy, creating jobs, driving innovation, and providing unique products and services (like ours!) to the community. When you invest in an Earthtank™ you are directly contributing to a more diverse and vibrant business landscape, supporting the growth of local entrepreneurs and fostering a sense of community.

Caroline W. WA

"Before completing our kitchen renovations we did extensive research into different filtration systems when I came across Earthtank™. We really liked the natural aesthetic of the system and the no-fuss filtration system. We purchased the activated carbon candle to reduce the fluoride levels in our town water and asked for a chrome tap to fit our new kitchen. The product looks amazing on our kitchen bench, it’s slim and takes little space and produces delicious, clean drinking water.
We are very happy and recommend to all our family and friends. Thanks again for the amazing and responsive customer service too!"

Tate H. QLD

"We are absolutely loving our new Earthtank Original Ceramic Purifier, it’s been vital in providing our whole family with clean water.  


Not only do we love the look of the purifier in our kitchen it is also easy to use. Both our kids (ages 6 & 4) can both use it by turning the tap on and off to fill their water bottles several times a day.  


It’s the only water we drink and we are so grateful to have found this amazing product and be supporting small Australian business with our purchase. Thank you Earthtank™!"

Amy D. NSW

Our Original Ceramic Purifier in Pearl White arrived this week and we are already absolutely loving our new water purifier! As a mum I love the fact I can now give my kids fluoride-free water plus all the the other benefits it provides by removing chemicals from our town water. 
The Earthtank™ team were responsive and helpful with my emails and questions relating to change of address and delivery information. I would have no hesitation in recommending others to purchase from this business."
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