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The SCP Fluoride Plus Filter is a carbon ceramic filter utilises a class leading silver impregnated ceramic micro porous outer shell combined with state of the art granular core technology.


The core is made from the highest quality NSF component certified coconut shell based activated carbon and other propriety absorbent materials. The ceramic shell and granular carbon core combines mechanical filtration and physical absorption processes to reduce a wide variety of contaminants.


Independent laboratory tests (NSF/ANSI std 42 & 53 chemical reduction tests) have shown our 0.5 micron Fluoride Plus™ filters to reduce the below contaminates:

  • Bacteria reduction (E.coli, Cholera, Salmonella) 99.99%
  • Cyst reduction (Cryptosporidium & Giardia) 99.99%
  • Algae, Rust & Sediment reduction 99.99%
  • NSF Turbidity reduction std.53 99.69%
  • Chlorine reduction 95.99%
  • Fluoride & glyphosate reduction 97.99%
  • Chloramines & Lead reduction 99.99%


Australia Wide Free Shipping Included.

SCP Fluoride Plus Filter

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