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Got Questions?
We have Answers!

  • How do I care for and clean my filter & Earthtank™?
    Every 6 months or so remove the filter container and take out the filter. Scrape the surface of the filter with the back of a knife under running tap water or by using a scouring pad. You may also like to completely disassemble your Earthtank™ and gently wash and dry all parts before re-assembling. Never use soap or detergents as they can leave a residual.
  • I can see small specks in the water container of my purifier, what's going on?
    Small specks of activated carbon (charcoal powder) may appear in your water in the initial days after setting up your Earthtank™. This material is harmless and will disappear with use. If you do notice these carbon specks, simply flush through the first few litres of water before drinking.
  • How often should I change my filter?
    You should replace your filter every 12 months or once it has filtered 2000 litres of water, whichever comes first.
  • When will my pure water be ready to drink?
    Water should pass through the filter at a rate of approximately one litre per hour on town water. (tank, bore, dam and spring may be slower depending on the amount of suspended solids).
  • Help, my tap is leaking!
    Ensure your tap is turned completely off! (That is the tap handle facing flush against the body). Your tap may need to be tightened. If the water is seeping from the rubber seal where the tap is fitted then you need to empty the purifier, holding the nut on the inside and tightening the tap by at least one full turn or more. If your tap is still leaking it may be defective, get in touch and we can organise a replacement.
  • Sh*t! I broke something. Can I get a replacement?
    It's okay, it happens more than you'd think and of course we can help! Replacement stands and lids cost $65 (plus postage). Just take a picture of your broken part and email it to us at along with your original order number and postal address. Simples!
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